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    Sandford KPO Services

    Financial planning is an essential format of planning for the financial future. It is like setting short and long-term milestones and plan strategies to reach those milestones. Sandford, Winscombe Office serving KPO services in Sandford and all of United Kingdom.

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    SAG IPL Offer KPO Services in Sandford, Winscombe and All of United Kingdom.

    Finance & Accounting

    SAG IPL has successfully managed to cater its clients from past decade with utter precision.

    Finance Planning

    The firm also directs its noted clients to manage and implement healthy finance planning in a professional way.

    Finance Analysis

    In respect to the experience in financial assistance, the company is actively focused on analysis and research to agile its financial capacities.

    Payroll Management

    After the sufficient supervision over the financial matters, the company is also handy in the proper payroll management.

    Finance & Accounting

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Reconciliation
    • Fixed Asset
    • General Ledger Maintenance

    Finance Planning & Analysis

    • Planning & Reporting Services
    • CashFlow
    • Budgets
    • Variance Analysis


    • Payroll Management
    • Tax Compliance

    Financial Planning & Reporting Services

    Financial planning is an essential format of planning for the financial future. It is like setting short and long-term milestones and plan strategies to reach those milestones.
    SAG IPL a Sandford based KPO Company, helps in creating a strong financial plan for the your future as it is essential for every organization. Financial reporting includes the collection, analysis, summarization and presentation of the financial health of a business to manage. An organization can check out whether its performance was excellent, good, satisfactory or poor with the help of effective financial reporting services. We have experienced professionals with accomplished training to ensure that your financial statements are prepared as per the regulations, government policies and accounting standards ensured in a timely manner.

    Cash Flow

    Cash Flow Management plays a vital role in the success and enhancement of any business. Managing a healthy cash flow is really a very delicate task. For this, SAG IPL offers cash-flow management solutions, which will assist you in maintaining the cash flow of your business effectively. One of the most important parts of cash flow management is minimising or closing the cash flow gaps. Check the components like accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit terms, credit policy and inventory helps to simply detect the problematic areas, which can lead to cash flow gaps in the business. We have a skilled and experienced team of professionals to examine all the components, which affect the timing of your cash inflows and cash outflows.


    A budget is basically a microeconomic concept, which represents the tradeoff made when one product is exchanged in place of another. A surplus budget means that profits are predicted, whereas a balanced budget means that revenues are anticipated to equal expenses. Budgets can be prepared with the help of the planning and management tool. If businesses have specific targets, they desire to achieve a realistic budget that will help in understanding the financial implications and reaching those goals. Preparation of budgets will entice better management to invest more and at the same time indicate to them what the commercial growth of their decisions is.

    Variance Analysis

    Under management accounting, a variance is basically a difference between the standard price and the actual payable amount. It can be calculated for both costs and revenues. The actual concept of variance is entirely connected with planned results, actual results and effects of the difference between those two on the performance of the company. Effective Financial Results can be achieved by the execution of proper planning. It is of obligatory importance that budgets and planning are reviewed on a regular basis in order to find progress report. It helps in letting us know if we are going in the right direction or not. We, as a consultant can simply give you an unbiased view of current position & recommend the areas where improvements or changes are required.

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