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    Top 10 Tips To Use Digital Marketing to Generate Positive Word-of-mouth for Your Business

    How to Use Digital Marketing

    Positive word of mouth marketing, as you may already know, refers to the process where a new sale of a product/service occurs through a referral from an existing customer or user.

    This happens when one of your customers actually likes your product or service enough to refer it to others, who also end up buying from you.

    Positive word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to organically market your business and generate leads that convert.

    After all, what can be a better or more organic thing than your existing customers advocating for your services and helping you get new customers?

    But, how do you generate positive word of mouth marketing for your brand or service?

    To be honest, it’s not always easy to get new sales via referrals, but it’s possible if you know just the right way. Digital Marketing, for instance, can help you generate positive word of mouth marketing for your business in more than one way. Here’s check how much does digital marketing cost.

    Incentivize your loyal customers

    A customer may like your service; they might even love it, but why would they tell others about it, unless of course they are being offered some kind of incentive for it.

    This is where the term “refer a friend” comes into play. By offering incentives (free gifts, cashback, etc.) for their efforts, you can make your loyal customers bring traffic to your business.

    Help your customers with relevant content

    New, potential customers are always seeking to know more about a brand before they decide to buy from it. You can help them by offering relevant, quality content about your business, products, and/or services on social media. Answer questions, share video guides, and all other forms of helpful content.

    It pays to be honest

    When looking to buy a service/product from a new company, the customer would definitely search for it online, in a bid to acquire more information about it. For the company, it pays to be transparent and honest in terms of providing the right information about past projects, clients, skills, experience and other things.

    Focus on brand building

    Another really effective way of generating positive word of mouth marketing reviews or word about your business or service is to work on building your brand. Brands are easier to trust than new, less-known businesses.

    Ask for Referrals

    If you are confident in your service like SEO for pest control, feel free to ask your customers directly or indirectly for a referral or to tell others about your unique offerings.

    You can use your email subscribers or social media followers to spread the word. But know that this will work only if your offering is strong and has made an impression on existing clients.

    Privileged Offerings

    Another good way to make your existing customers spread positive things about your services is to offer exclusive benefits to them. This may include access to an exclusive member club with certain benefits, freebies, etc.

    Always respond to your customers

    Getting your brand across the internet, on Google and Social Media, is one thing, but it’s even more important to respond to customer feedback and reviews in a timely manner.

    There is no better way to make a bad impression on a customer than not providing a timely response to their comment/review on the internet.

    For instance, customer comments/posts on Twitter are public, and a bad comment about your brand or service will affect the view of all your existing & potential customers who see that comment/post.

    A timely positive word of mouth marketing response can just be the key to handling things before they get out of your hand.


    Build and engage in communities

    Almost all leading social media sites, including Facebook and LinkedIn, allow you to build communities or groups around your niche, where you can add and interact with customers.

    The key to success in social groups is to be active and provide proper responses to the user comments. Also, your focus should be on helping users by answering their queries relevant to your product/service positive word-of-mouth marketing yourself or your brand explicitly.

    Nothing beats video reviews

    Video testimonials are getting a lot of popularity as of recent because these are the most genuine type of online reviews. Simple, text-based reviews can be fake, but video reviews, where a user is actually saying something good about the product/service or brand is unlikely to be fake and is easier to trust.

    So, the next time a customer says or writes something good about your service, ask them to also share their experience in video form, and then post and share these videos on your website and social channels.

    Use influencers to spread word-of-mouth

    Influencers are celebrities or famous people in a particular niche. Influencer marketing is one of the best positive-word-of-mouth digital marketing services, where you use a niche influencer to promote your brand or service. It can also be used to increase the reach of good reviews/things about your business.

    When a popular celebrity is seen using or saying good things about a product/service, people are more likely to trust it and might even want to use the product or service that their favourite celebrities are using.


    When you’re looking for ways to market your service through positive word-of-mouth marketing, there is plenty of options online. All you have to do is find and use the ones that matter for your particular business type.

    Digital marketing techniques, such as social media, online communities, email subscription, referral rewards, etc. are the most effective in generating word-of-mouth traffic naturally.

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