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    Different Types of Websites and their Development Cost – Detailed Analysis (2020)

    Types of Websites with Development Cost

    Having an attractive and brand promoting website is one of the initial and most important steps required if you wish to improve your business. Researches have shown that if the website is created precisely, then it can increase the profits in the business at more than 50% but more than 40% of the businesses in the United Kingdom do not have a website as they are not familiar with this and even if some businessmen are, they still don’t take any step towards it as they are confused about the cost of website development.

    Apart from the cost, most of the businessmen do not even know whether they should hire a web developer for the website or can they build one themselves. So before going on the different types of websites with development cost, let’s have a look at the cost of website development if you do it yourself.

    cost to build a website

    Cost of Building the Website on your Own

    There is no doubt in the fact that building your own website is the cheapest way of website development. If you do not have or do not want to spend your funds on the professional designers then you can use the website builders tools for the development of your website. Cost of website development with the help of these tools is very low. For approx £10-£20, you can get the paid plan that provides greater customisation and specifications. With the help of these tools, you can create an attractive website quickly but it may not be efficient as you do not have the experience, unlike the professional developers. so it is better that you hire professionals.

    How much does it cost for getting a website developed?

    The development cost of a website can range between as low as £200 and as high as £10,000. The cost of a website totally depends upon the type of website and the features you want to be included in the website. There numerous types of websites that can be created but in this article, they have been categorised into four for ease viz basic website, small business website, e-commerce website and database driven websites. The cheapest being the basic website and the database-driven being the most expensive.

    Website costs
    • Cost of Development of a Basic Website

    A basic website has near 4-5 pages with simple functionality. A basic website contains the contact page and a landing page. They are mobile responsive in general as they but you should ask the developer about it before the launch. Basic website is a simple and striped platform to showcase your business, a digital business card if you will.

    It is suggested that you should hire an offshore developer as they are the cheapest and charge approx £5 – £20 per hour, unlike the freelance developers who charge approx £15 – £75 per hour. The development cost of a basic website ranges between:

    Features Cost
    Design£200 to £500
    Domain£2.99 to £100 per year
    Total Upfront Cost£200 to £600
    Hosting£3 to £45 per month
    Content Updates£0 to £10 per month
    Total Ongoing Costs£3 to £55 per month

    The price range depends upon the features, customizability, and complexity of the website. Make sure that you have decided about these aspects before the commencement of the development process and maintain transparency with the developers to make sure that you are on the same page.

    • Cost of Development of a Small Business Website
    Cost of Development of a Small Business Website

    A small business website is the best option for most of the businesses. It has more features than the basic website and is more feature-rich. A small business website has a responsive design, google analytics, a content management system and social media pages. They have more pages as compared to that in a basic website and are perfect for the small businesses who wish to create a presence online. The development cost of a small business website ranges between:

    Features Cost
    Design£500 to £1,000
    Domain£3 to £100 per year
    Total Upfront Cost£500 to £1,100
    Hosting£3 to £45 per month
    Content Updates£0 to £30 per month
    Total Ongoing Costs£3 to £75 per month

    If you go for a small business website then should make sure that you update the content of the website regularly. You should set aside some funds every month to make sure that the users come back regularly. It is the best to hire Professional Developers for the development of a small business website.

    • Cost of Development of an e-Commerce Website
    Cost of Development of an e-Commerce Website

    You can get an e-commerce website for your business if you want and think that there will be a higher number of orders on your website. An e-commerce website should include delivery tracking, order history, online management system, and other efficient features. An e-commerce website has more pages as compared to that in small business websites. An e-commerce website has pages categorised according to the products in general, blogs, and integrated social media accounts. The development cost of an e-commerce website ranges between:

    Features Cost
    Design£1,000 to £2,500
    Domain£3 to £100 per year
    SSL certificate£15 to £250 per year
    Total Upfront Cost£1,020 to £2,850
    Hosting£10 to £350 per month
    Content Updates£0 to £60 per month
    Total Ongoing Costs£10 to £410 per month

    Apart from the above-stated costs, it also costs to get an SSL Certificate for your website. SSL certificate provides ‘https’ prefix for your website instead of ‘http’ that makes your website more secure. e-Commerce website is the best option if you want more pages and diversity for your website. It is more advantageous than getting a small business website.

    • Cost of Development of a Database-driven website

    Getting a database-driven website is the best option of the large organisations which require more functionalities and features on the website. Though, this is the most expensive kind of website but has the best and most features anyone can ask for. These kinds of websites can be developed by the professional developers only as it has more complexities than any other kind of website development. Such websites have unlimited web pages, and are good for the financial sectors, architecture firms, and other large businesses. The fluid design of such websites makes them even more mobile-friendly. The development cost of a database-driven website ranges between:

    Features Cost
    Design£2,500 to £10,000
    Domain£3 to £100 per year
    Total Upfront Cost£2,500 to £10,100
    Hosting£10 to £350 per month
    Content Updates£0 to £60 per month
    Total Ongoing Costs£10 to £410 per month

    If you wish to hire a team of professional developers then you should hire them by the project instead of hiring them by the hour. Hourly charges can be more expensive. You can list every single detail about your business on the website. If you are getting a database-driven website then you should make sure that regular checks and updations are being made on the website. A database-driven website requires more attention and checks than any other kind of website as it is better and complex than others.

    Other Additional Costs

    Other than the above-detailed costs, some other costs are also included during and after getting a website for your business. Such costs include the cost of getting a domain name, cost of hosting according to the type, content costs, imagery, digital marketing costs, etc. You should consider all these costs and factors before getting a website for your business.


    If you are confused about the complexities of website development services, wish to seek expert advice or want to hire developers for your business website in the UK, then you should contact the professional at SAG IPL. Having years of experience, SAG IPL is one the leading digital marketing service providers, providing the best services across the globe. Their dedicated team of experienced professionals provides the best services at in-your-budget prices. You can get in touch with us through email at or by giving us a line at +07950901227. We would love to hear from you.

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