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    Proven Digital Marketing Strategy for E-scooters & Bikes


    Countries like the UK, the USA, and Canada have regulations regarding the use of e-scooters on the road, most of which talk about the max speed and other rules to be followed when riding an e-scooter.

    Both the demand and popularity of e-scooters as a convenient, affordable, and fun way to ride from one place to another are continuously rising all around the world. In most places, anyone with an age of 14 or above can ride an e-scooter. These are electric two-wheelers that look similar to kids’ kick scooters but have an electric motor fitted to them for added convenience and speed.

    As the demand for e-scooters is increasing, so is the number of companies manufacturing and selling these modern, eco-friendly vehicles. In the UK alone, more than 10,000 electric scooters were sold last year, a report says. Other popular markets for e-scooters include the US, Canada, the Netherlands, etc., with the Netherlands taking the lead by having sold over 400,000 e-bikes in a single year.

    Experts also suggest that the market for e-scooters will continue to grow over the next couple of decades. Another reason why the user’s interest in e-scooters has grown over the past years is that these smart vehicles are eco-friendly, which makes them an obvious choice for anyone who is passionate about saving the environment.

    The global demand and sales of e-scooters have grown significantly in the past couple of years. Manufacturers around the world are now looking for better ways and effective strategies to market their e-scooter and bikes to the increasing audience. Companies like MI, Bird, Lime, Jump, Razor, and Spin are some of the leading names in the industry.

    As an e-scooter manufacturer or seller, if you are also looking for the right/best digital strategy to market your products to target audiences, here you go.

    Digital Marketing Strategy for E-scooter & Bikes

    Identifying the target audience

    Identifying the target audience

    Well, the first step to any digital marketing strategy is to identify the right target audience for your product/service.

    For e-scooters, the target audience may include a wide variety of users, from different age groups. Gone are the days when kick scooters were used only by kids as a means for fun. Now, they are a more practical vehicle with an electric motor and able to easily take you to at least a few kilometers without a sweat. E-scooters are now widely used by children and adults alike for short-distance commuting as well as by tourists for roaming around a city.

    Make sure that you have a clear idea of who your target audience is going to be.

    Keyword Research

    Researching and finding the right keywords to target is second and probably the most important part of this digital strategy.

    At this stage, you need to think about the words or phrases your potential customers might use in search engines when searching for your products. For instance, if someone is looking to buy an e-scooter in the UK, they will probably search something like, “best place to buy an e-scooter in the UK”, or “the best e-scooter in the UK”.

    So, here you have two high-quality keywords that you can use in your digital marketing strategy for e-scooters. Of course, the actual keyword research is a little more complex than that. It involves the use of tools like the Google Keyword Planner, Webmasters tools, Ahrefs, etc. to find the best relevant keywords with decent volume (avg monthly searches) and low competition.

    In addition, you can also take a look at what keywords your competitors are using and further analyse the metrics like traffic coming from a particular keyword, CTR, conversion to sales, etc. using analytics tools. A digital marketing agency will know how.

    In addition to the exact match words, you also have to include long-tail keywords or general queries that some users put into Google while searching for an e-scooter. Through brief research of our own, here we made a list of the most searched keywords related to e-scooter (in the UK).

    e-scooter parts100
    e-scooter manual40
    e-scooter battery40
    crane e-scooter30
    viron 1000w e-scooter review30
    e-scooter electric10
    smfc e-scooter10
    zumaround e – scooter bike10
    e-scooter wheelies10
    e-scooter wiring schematic10
    e-scooter 100w10
    e- scooter10
    gs moon e-scooter10
    e-scooter 210
    mach 1 electric e-scooter 1000 watt motor10
    electric e-scooter v610
    e-scooter 24v 250w10
    e-scooter 36 volt 350 watt10

    The data are for the UK only. It’s just for reference purposes, the actual keywords should be selected through more, in-depth research.

    On-page Optimisation

    On-page Optimisation

    Once you have found the right keyword to target for your e-scooter business through keyword research, the next step is to optimize your website from SEO Services perspective and to make it user-friendly.

    User Experience is now a big factor in Google’s search guidelines. So, your ultimate aim should be to improve the user experience and page experience on your site. Use relevant keywords on the homepage (content, meta, headings, image alt, etc.) and landing pages (product pages) of your site, but avoid targeting two or more pages for the same keyword.

    Content is the kind, so make sure the content on your website and pages is unique, fresh and strictly relevant to your business/product. It should be easy to read and understand. In addition, optimise your site navigation, speed, design, layout, URLs, robots.txt, canonicals, and all other factors that may affect the performance of your e-scooter website.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid Advertising

    Unless you are an already popular and authorised brand, getting your website ranked on top of Google for high-competition keywords like buy e-scooter and buy electric scooter is not going to be easy. In that case and if the budget allows, you can consider paid advertising.

    ‘Google Ads’ is a feature of Google Search that you can use to put your ads right at the top of organic search results for any search query. For example, if you are using Google ads for the search query “buy the best e-scooter online in the UK,” Google will show your ad (product link) every time this query is made by a user in specific locations. Since these are PPC ads, you’ll have to pay Google only if your ad is clicked by a user.


    Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is certainly the best and most affordable way to get your e-scooter website ranked at the top of Google Search Results. SEO takes time, but the results are long term. Here’s how it works.

    Google’s ranking algorithm, i.e. the way Google determines the ranking of a web page, depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which include page relevance, page experience, user experience, content quality (uniqueness, freshness, etc.), and backlinks.

    Landing page example:

    SEO involves creating or getting backlinks to your website (or pages) in order to make them rank higher on Google SERP. Backlinks are like votes that are given by other relevant websites to your website as a way to support and recommend it. The more quality backlinks your site has, the higher it is likely to rank in Google.

    At this stage, you try to build backlinks from high-quality, relevant sites to your own website and pages through a number of techniques, including guest blogging, competitor analysis, blog/article writing, directory listing, among others.

    J Curve Results in One Of Our Projects

    Project Name: Currus motors


    In the end, how effective your digital marketing strategy is will depend on how well you are able to implement it.

    If you are just starting out as a new business in the e-scooter industry, it will naturally take some time for you to build a reputation and become a brand. Just make sure that you have the right and results-driven marketing strategy and keep tracking the results.

    If you need help, hire SAG IPL professional Digital Marketing Services Agency in the UK. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering results-driven digital strategies for the growth of online and local businesses in a variety of industries, including electric mobility. Schedule a meeting now to discuss your project.

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