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    Development Cost For An App Like Zoom 2020 (Detailed Analysis By Experts )

    Development Cost Based on Type

    The outbreak of coronavirus has led to the closing of offices, schools, colleges and other organisations. The lockdown announced because of the outbreak has forced everyone to stay in their homes. During the last 6-7 weeks, the users of Zoom app has skyrocketed. .

    Zoom app is a video conferencing app through which the companies, educational institutions and other types of organisation can get in touch with their personnel online by means of video conferencing. The app has been in fame since the outbreak of coronavirus. All types of institutions, offices, schools, colleges, coaching centres, even gyms and other organisations are using the app to hold meetings with the employees, provide online classes to the students and other related tasks through video conferencing.

    The success of the app has intrigued a lot of other individuals and companies. They wish to get an app like Zoom because of its recent demands, but they do not know the features of an efficient video conferencing app.

    The development cost of such an app is also a factor that holds them back before going for it. This article will inform them about the cost of development, salient features of the app, how the app works and other related details to be considered in the development of an app like Zoom.

    The companies are forced to provide work from home to their employees, the educational institutions have been providing online classes to the students through the app. A lot of problems are faced by the company in managing the employees working from home like that of communication, under such cases, an app like Zoom comes in handy to the management of the company. The app can help in conducting meetings, remotely.

    The quality of audio and video provided by the app is HD. The app can support a total of up to 1,000 participants at a time.

    Salient Features of Video Conferencing App

    Before going for the development of any type of app, you should know the best features that should be provided to the users. The following features should be included in the video conferencing app to make it more effective and efficient.

    • Screen Sharing

    The video conferencing app should have a multiple screen sharing feature so that more and more users can be connected in a single session. It can be very useful for companies in conducting meetings with more and more employees and for the educational institutes in providing classes to more and more students in a single session.

    • Virtual Hand Raising

    Doubts can arise while conducting any meeting, classes or any other session, therefore the app should have the feature of virtual hand-raising so that anybody can raise questions and can clear his/her doubts during the session easily. This also helps in reducing chaos during the session as the operator will address the individuals one by one.

    • Chat

    The option of chat should be included in every video conferencing app so that the users can also contact the other users easily without raising the voice during the session. This will help in improving the communication between the users.

    • Polling System

    Every video conferencing app should have polling features so that the operator can take a poll about any decision in the conference itself and there will be no need to contact the individuals later. The responses and opinions can be gathered easily through this feature.

    The above-detailed features are the “must-have” features. The video conferencing app should have other features like mute the participants, record the meeting, virtual backgrounds, video filters and various other features. More and more features should be included during the development of the app so that the users and the host do not face any kind of issues and the app could be efficient. Inclusion of more and more features means more efficient and attractive apps which will result in increasing the popularity of the app.

    Procedure to Set Up a Video Conferencing App

    1.Registration and Selection of Plan

    The first step to use the video conferencing app is to register for the app and select a plan as per the requirements.

    2.Create a Profile

    After registration, create a profile on the app and create user-ids for the participants.

    3.Calendar Sync

    The application is ready for use after you sync your calendar according to the meet or conference.

    4.Conduct the Conference

    Meetings, classes can be conducted after providing the user ids and password to the users.

    5 Use the Settings

    All the settings provided in the app can be used according to the needs of the operator and the users

    Cost of Zoom like App Development 2020

    A lot of factors affect the development cost of a video conferencing app like Zoom. All the factors are to be considered before fixing or calculating the price of the app. Factors like the developer skills feature to be included, the scope of the app, app backend, API and other factors determine the development cost of the app. The below-detailed factors are main factors that help in determining the price of any video conferencing app:

    • Backend Development

    The initial and most critical factor to be considered before the development of the video conferencing app is to ascertain the backend development features to be used in the app. A server portion is to be fixed for the best performance of the video conferencing app. Most of the apps use BaaS solutions, the video conferencing app requires more complex technologies. So, before going for development you should determine the level of backend development.

    • UI/UX Design

    Determining the design of the app is the next step in the development of the app, an attractive design brings more users to the app. Hire a creative app designer for your app as it will affect the user volume later. The design should be attractive and user friendly for the convenience of the users.

    • The App Platform

    You should determine the platform for your app, whether you want to launch the app for the android users or for the iOS platform. Swift is the best platform to develop an app for iOS and that for the Android platform is WebRTC. You will have to determine a platform for the app according to the OS.

    Final Words On How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Zoom

    All the above-stated factors and features will have to be considered by the interested parties and app developers before the commencement of the app development process. These factors and features will not only determine the cost of development but also the effectiveness and efficiency of the app.

    If you are still confused about the app development process and features then you should get in touch with the experienced team of dedicated professional developers at SAG IPL. The developers at SAG IPL will help you in determining the optimal features for your app at an economical price. Having years of experience, SAG IPL is one of the best app development companies in the United Kingdom. contact us at TECH@SAGIPL.CO.UK . We would love to hear from you.

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